LIM’s Data Publisher Now Connects to JMS Message Bus

24 July 2008

Logical Information Machines (LIM), a leading provider of data, analytics and research, today announced that their MIM Delta Publisher can now publish data using the Java Message Service (JMS). JMS is an enterprise technology defined by the JSR 914 specification. Because of this technology, the MIM Delta Publisher can now connect to any type of message bus that supports JMS. This creates an open architecture for companies who want to obtain new and corrected data prices and apply them to downstream systems.

Their MIM Delta Publisher takes new and corrected prices and publishes the data to interested subscribers. Before publishing with JMS, LIM logged the new and corrected price information to a file. Developers now have the choice to either publish to a file or to publish to a message bus. Publishing with JMS allows a company to use the MIM Delta Publisher with any JMS compliant message broker. Companies may ultimately use the new and corrected prices in such scenarios as an energy risk management system or place the data in a relational database.

Tony Kolton, LIM President and CEO states, "I think this is a big step forward for us and our clients. This is an open architecture solution that will enable our clients to access the information they need without a lot of API coding."

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