PIC Solutions Invests in Improved Client Services Software

22 July 2008

PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region has made a significant investment in improving its client services by selecting niche software from Maconomy South Africa. The full Maconomy Consulting Solution (MCS) will be implemented, with a go live date scheduled for August 2008.

PIC Solutions required an information system able to integrate elements of the organisation, specifically project, people and time management, while providing a solid financial backbone to measure the productivity and profitability of each line of business in real time. The primary purpose of this system is to manage the people and associated resources on projects with direct integration into the financials and other operational controls of the business.

The goal is to be able to increase productivity and reduce lead times, thus improving customer service for all clients through faster delivery of assignments, whilst simultaneously lowering project costs. These two goals of faster implementations with lower costs have become increasingly important in the current economic environment.

MCS is designed for professional service organisations aimed at increasing efficiency while delivering high-quality consulting services. Employees are able to log time and other project costs in real-time, simply and efficiently. The results are visible to project managers and decision makers immediately, enabling increased employee utilisation and project efficiency.

Stephen J. Leonard, Chief Executive Officer of PIC Solutions states: “We partnered with Maconomy as being an international consultancy themselves; they are familiar with the complexities of running a multinational business. With 5 offices in Africa and the Middle East, we deliver complex solutions to over 150 companies in 30+ countries. With the implementation of the full Maconomy Consulting Solution we will be joining leading global consulting companies in utilising best practice client services software. This will result in significant benefits for our client base, including faster implementations at lower costs.”

Arno Kirstein, Director of Maconomy South Africa, adds “The Maconomy Consulting Solution is accessible worldwide. If you have internet access you can address your key project costing, financial and operational requirements and thereby improve operational efficiency and employee utilisation. Not only is this a benefit to our clients, this is also a benefit to our clients’ clients.”

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