PI Launches Workflow Tool for Corporate Finance Professionals

22 July 2008

Perfect Information (PI), a global provider of financial information, today announced the launch of PI Navigator, a workflow tool for corporate finance teams. PI Navigator has been developed to revolutionise the workflow of corporate finance professionals when using financial documents. PI Navigator uniquely surfaces the value of the data buried within financial documents, providing the ability to significantly reduce the time taken modelling company financials. PI has spent months researching, developing and testing PI Navigator with a variety of teams within the corporate finance departments at some of the leading global investment banks. Having worked closely with these teams, PI’s understanding of specific job roles, current workflow processes and users’ desires, has resulted in the company bringing to market a product that directly addresses the corporate finance sector’s needs.

Each function incorporated in PI Navigator has been built to address and resolve a workflow problem for the end user. Whether in the M&A, structured finance or securities research team, PI Navigator enables users to dramatically cut down on the time taken to extract financial information. During the beta test, PI Navigator users experienced savings of up to 40% of the time traditionally taken to model companies.

“It has always been at the heart of PI’s product development to make the business lives of our customers easier,” said Greg Simidian, CEO, Perfect Information. “PI Navigator was born out of a deep understanding of our clients’ pressures and processes. It was created to make everyday tasks faster and easier to perform and the unique functionality we are bringing to the market does just this.”

PI Navigator – Key Features

• Jump straight to financial statements embedded in annual reports and immediately navigate from financials to notes to accounts
• Drop financial tables straight into Excel from annual reports
• Edgar documents available in searchable PDF
• Locate comparable reports from multiple companies
• With over 5,000 corporate action terms in your grasp, precedents can be found in seconds
• Instantly verify financial statements in securities prospectuses with the corresponding sections in the issuer's annual and interim reports
• Text within specific document sections can be searched simultaneously across various securities prospectuses

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