Softshare’s Web EDI Solution Supports Five Languages

10 July 2008

Softshare, a provider of e-commerce products and services since 1982, announced today that its popular Web EDI solution, Softshare Athena, now supports five languages within its interface: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German. Users, in addition to establishing preferred languages, are also able to pair those languages with locales to ensure that times, dates, and currencies are formatted based on the common practices of a particular locale or region.

“With offices in Amsterdam and resellers around the globe, Softshare has always tried to cater to its international clients,” said Allen Levy, Director of Sales for Softshare. “Although English is usually accepted as the international language of e-commerce, we know that our Athena clients really appreciate being able to conduct EDI operations in their native languages.”

In addition to directly benefitting end users, Athena’s multi-lingual capabilities are also a benefit to the hub communities that recommend Softshare’s Web EDI solution to its suppliers. As e-commerce relationships between companies continue to globalize, these hubs are starting to look for solutions that will accommodate all suppliers, regardless of geographic location or language.

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