Princeton, NJ - 7 January 2008

Bullrun Financial, a leading provider of portfolio analytics, performance measurement and attribution analysis, is pleased to announce the release of program version 5.0 as an addition to its existing suite of world class analytics. Performance reporting and overall market analysis can now be taken to the next level which has been strengthened by Bullrun’s ability to customize reports that can be presented with a firm’s specifics and brand in mind. The enhancements contained in this release are a direct result of the feedback Bullrun Financial has received from client and industry based surveys that include major banks, brokers and registered independent advisors.

“Our intent with this upgrade was to give Wealth Advisors and Portfolio Managers the power of tomorrow’s performance technology today along with an ability to customize reports to their own unique specifics and standards”, says John Michel, CEO of Bullrun Financial. “Current global market conditions and the speed at which they move demand constant monitoring of client assets and in-depth analysis of what affects portfolio performance over varying time horizons”, he adds.

Bullrun’s latest release adds the ability to monitor both long and short portfolio positions as part of performance measurement along with linking the contribution of cash and money market funds to the overall analysis. Additionally, historic fundamentals and four new portfolio risk metrics (Alpha, Beta, R-Squared and Sharpe Ratios) have been included as part of Bullrun’s new suite of analytics.

“At the end of the day, the one overriding question that all investors ask is ‘how am I doing’, says Michel referring to the issue of portfolio performance. “Bullrun’s latest technology not only fully answers that question but also provides the insight as to where past and current performance came from along with the ability to compare it versus traditional or proprietary benchmarks, composites or models”.

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