Actimize Expands IBM Partnership; Embeds Technology to Fight Fraud and Financial Crime

9 December 2008

Actimize, a leading provider of transactional risk management software for the financial services industry and a NICE Systems company, today announced it has expanded its IBM partnership embedding IBM technology in its risk management platform to further help financial institutions monitor and investigate financial crimes.

Actimize has implemented and embedded IBM’s InfoSphere Global Name Recognition (GNR) technology within the Actimize enterprise risk management platform to enhance its analytical capabilities. GNR is an enterprise tool designed to help organisations understand, analyze and process multi-cultural names to provide name processing and matching capabilities for mission critical and corporate wide applications. Based on 20 years of computational linguistic research, GNR relies on intimately understanding a name, its patterns and real-world usage as opposed to key-based technologies that match on alphanumeric keys which represent a name.

Actimize risk management analytics help financial institutions manage fraud risks associated with moving money and processing transactions more efficiently, while assisting such firms to comply with ‘know your customer’ and other anti-money-laundering regulatory requirements.

Financial crimes come in many flavours. While firms obviously need to evaluate each customer, counterparty and transaction carefully for potential fraud, they must also comply with regulatory requirements to uncover money laundering, terrorist financing and market manipulation. Many countries have adopted strict rules requiring firms to understand fully who they do business with and the sources of their clients’ and counterparties’ monies. The challenge lies in properly matching names across vastly different cultural and language barriers within a robust financial crime fighting, enterprise platform.

The IBM InfoSphere GNR technology will help Actimize’s sophisticated analytical models focus more closely on the names of different customers, citizens, criminals and other individuals by examining and comparing them to different known names of good and bad entities. It works by analysing name order, multiple titles or prefixes, cultural spelling variations, possible transposition errors, nicknames and more. Once the Actimize solution, utilizing IBM’s GNR, identifies a match, Actimize routes the transaction either as approved or blocked or forwards an alert to the most relevant investigator for further action.

“Actimize and IBM have worked together for several years delivering mission critical solutions,” says Amir Orad, EVP and CMO at Actimize. “Our transactional monitoring analytical solutions are used to uncover money laundering, fraud and suspicious securities trading. With GNR, we’ll be able to deliver even more value to our customers.”

“During this current financial crisis, new types of fraud are emerging which present both operational and financial risks, further threatening the reputation of our banking and financial markets clients,” says Martin Goulet, IBM Financial Services Sector Risk Solutions. “Providing the right balance of detective and preventive controls is a real challenge. The Actimize Risk Management Platform, with our embedded InfoSphere Global Name Recognition (GNR) software, delivers a highly competitive compliance and fraud risk mitigation solution to help combat financial crimes.”

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