The UnRisk consortium takes UnRisk FACTORY to financial institutions, to quickly analyse risk and calculate VaR in unexpected short time.

4 December 2008

In May-08 UnRisk has released UnRisk FACTORY. Now, Dec-08, UnRisk FACTORY 1.2 is the 3rd release of the fast-paced and accurate risk analytics platform.

Fast UnRisk VaR module. Like all UnRisk versions it includes new deal types and model templates required by the fast growing UnRisk customer base. And it is now the platform for the UnRisk FACTORY VaR module, which applies principal components to fast VaR calculation. Together with parallelization, principal component treatment enables a large expansion of the usual historical analysis period, but still getting results in short time.

UnRisk FACTORY is designed to offer the following benefits to its users: Faster Time-to-Insight – thousands of positions across scenarios are valuated in short time, High Accuracy – computational speed allows for uncompromised model precision, Complete Evidence – all valuations are made persistent for unlimited historical analysis, Wide Access – via an easy to use web front-end, Lower Total Cost of Ownership – high throughput with a high utilization of a minimalist infrastructure

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