Connotate Generates Proprietary Data Sets for Angora Options Traders

3 December 2008

Connotate, the leading provider of solutions which transform information from the Web and enterprise into user-empowered on-demand applications and actionable intelligence, announced today that Angora Solutions has selected Connotate’s solution to automate the collection and delivery of unique data elements from the Web and build-up proprietary options trading data sets for its clients.

Angora, which provides the technology and solutions for options trader desks, will initially use Connotate Agents to automate the collection of high-value data that it uses in the company health reports it supplies to its clients. A company health report may include inventory, availability and occupancy, and pricing data for specific properties in the hotel industry. The information collected by Connotate Intelligent Agentsâ„¢ is not only included in the report, it can also be fed directly into modeling or analytical tools, which may add conviction to trading decisions.

“At Angora, we use the Connotate solution to offer a value-added reporting and data repository service to our clients. The Connotate solution enables us to keep in sync with dynamically changing Web data by identifying the information we need, monitoring it, collecting it, cleansing it, and storing it in a central place, where it can be accessed by anyone in the organization who needs it for informed decision-making,” said Matt Aven, Angora’s Director of Product Development.

Connotate CEO Bruce Molloy notes that a number of financial services companies use Connotate software Agents to increase the frequency of delivering valuable analysis nuggets while decreasing the manual effort required to keep track of changes to those nuggets. “The collection and build-up of precise data elements by Angora is just one example of how intelligent Agents can gather data from reliable Web sources to help analysts and traders identify factors impacting revenue and EBITDA.”

Connotate Agents enable Angora to provide clients with real-time information from any Web site or enterprise data source - without hiring a dedicated team of software engineers to write and maintain custom code or collect the information manually. “By building automated engines, we do not have to devote precious human resources to acquiring the data we need for our reports and models. Rather than hiring a team of engineers to write custom software, we selected the Connotate solution, making automated data collection and subscription to data feeds a simple process,” added Matt Aven.

Over time, Connotate Agents will continue to build up historical time-series data sets unique to Angora clients’ holdings and interests. As most Web sites don’t archive previous versions of pages for easy retrieval, the data repository created via Connotate’s solution stores time-series intelligence that would otherwise disappear over time, making it possible for Angora to soon broadcast industry trends, in addition to individual company health reports.

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