First Nebraska Title Selects eznetpay™ for Construction Disbursement Services

22 December 2008

ezPay, a leading provider of web-based payment solutions, today announced that First Nebraska Title has selected eznetpayâ„¢ to use in its construction loan disbursement services. eznetpayâ„¢ is a web-based business solution that automates and streamlines the construction draw request, approval and disbursement processes for participants in construction projects.

“We selected eznetpay™ because we can benefit from greater transparency, accountability and efficiency and replace the outdated, costly paper-based delivery process,” said Nick Henderson, President of First Nebraska Title. “We expect that eznetpay™ will streamline the draw administration process, reduce the number of touch points and provide greater security and privacy for our clients. We also expect to see our cost-per-transaction decrease by 80% with the use of eznetpay™”.

“I have been around the construction disbursement process for almost 50 years and the process hasn’t really changed until now,” said Jack Hosking, Chairman of First Nebraska Title. “Technology will continue to revolutionize our industry and we intend to embrace any solution that allows us to deliver the type of service our clients deserve”.

“With the slow down in real estate lending, title companies and lenders are evaluating their business processes to look for greater efficiencies and compliance to various government regulations,” said Kevin Stillman, President of ezPay. “First Nebraska Title and their clients will benefit from an easy-to-use online payment platform that will result in a very positive payment experience for all participants in the construction draw process”.

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