SIAG Risk Management proudly announces a major technological breakthrough

18 December 2008

SIAG Risk Management proudly announces today a major technological breakthrough in the speed and performance of advanced calculation motor technology developed by our software development team in Madrid which has been specifically designed to calculate the level of risk and pricing of a wide range of financial instruments and portfolios. The system is designed for investment fund managers, dealers, portfolio managers, investment banks, pension funds and similar fund managers.

SIAG’s GRS uses a VAR calculation to quantify risks but allows the user to select other alternative parameters. Through this flexibility GRS can indicate the procedure assigned in the valuation of each instrument and suggest the best coverage strategy resulting from conflicting positions. GRS can “advise” the user regarding possible modifications to the portfolio depending on the parameters which have been introduced.

Additionally; GRS permits collaborative working with other leading market applications via a wide spectrum interface.

Developed for the valuation of any type of financial asset, from fixed to variable income, GRS is a key tool for any Risk Manager providing all the information needed to deliver effective asset management.

A superfast calculation motor developed for grid computation

Current market volatility and instability make having management information quickly and on demand essential in order to manage assets well.

To be able to have a VAR report showing any portfolios positions and prices at various times throughout the day makes GRS an extremely powerful working tool.

Currently; most financial institutions can only have VAR reports once a day, usually first thing in the morning, owing to the enormous time that the generation of the report takes with the tools typically used. This has made it almost impossible for a Risk Manager to request additional reports during the day that would show developments or changes in the VAR which have affected positions at particular times during the trading session.

Grid or interlinked computation offers a new paradigm in computation and data processing in which the full resources of any number of computers are combined to form one supercomputer in a transparent and very economical method.

The result is that we can calculate the VAR from historical data series for our whole portfolio in just a few minutes. Whether we are valuing 10,000, 100,000 or even more instruments it makes no difference at all to the power and speed of the system.

It is the programme itself within the technologically advanced calculation motor which knows how to deploy the tremendous power and potential of the Grid to fully utilise latent unused capacity, which whilst using the same basic architecture has a considerable disadvantage compared with the new performance capabilities of GRS and the Grid.

Real time Risk Management for better decision making

Untimely information is of little use and can cause us to act in a less than precise way. Not having access to a detailed report at the right moment is a problem which faces Risk Managers every day.

Equally; it is very inefficient for our daily management to have tools that only provide vitally needed information after many hours of processing and without a considerable effort by all involved in the process.

GRS eliminates these barriers and allows us to have the information we need, when we need it and in record time.

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