Wipro-NewLogic Enables Wi-Fi Connectivity in BridgeCo’s 3rd Generation Networked Audio Platform

11 December 2008

Wipro-NewLogic and BridgeCo today announced that the Wipro-NewLogic WiLD 802.11 a/b/g Wireless LAN MAC and Baseband IP has been licensed by BridgeCo and integrated into the DM870 audio processor which is at heart of the JukeBlox network audio platform.

Wipro-NewLogic delivered its proven, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, WiLD 802.11a/b/g WLAN MAC and Baseband IP including support for security (WPA™, WPA2™) and quality of service (WMM™). The WiLD Baseband features an all-digital interface to the radio which greatly simplifies the SoC design and reduces the overall chip cost. For the matching radio, BridgeCo has selected a device based on Wipro-NewLogic’s WiLD Eagle RF IP.

“We have chosen the WiLD IP MAC and Baseband IPs for its market-oriented feature set and its good price performance ratio. Wipro-NewLogic’s effort to go through a complete Wi-Fi certification with its IP gave us the confidence that we would also achieve this certification with the JukeBlox platform. BridgeCo successfully passed the certification in summer 2008”, said Markus Thalmann, VP Core R&D at BridgeCo.

“We are delighted to enable Wi-Fi connectivity in BridgeCo’s innovative audio processor. BridgeCo’s JukeBlox™ Networked Audio technology will provide a better user experience to the music lovers compared to a wired solution. The successful launch of this solution is yet another testimony to the maturity of our Wireless LAN IP for consumer electronics applications.” said Senthil Murugesan, CEO of Wipro-NewLogic.

BridgeCo’s JukeBloxTM Networked Audio technology is a complete solution for connecting audio systems to home networks, the Internet and portable audio devices. It combines the new triple-core DM870 Processor, Linux-based OS with proprietary Middleware, a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Reference Board Design. The integration of Wipro-NewLogic’s MAC and Baseband IPs into the JukeBlox solution enables even smaller and cost effective designs for products like Digital Media Player (DMP) or Internet Radio.

Wipro-NewLogic has been rated as the number one Wireless LAN IP provider by Gartner for the third consecutive years. The WLAN IP has been integrated into System on Chip (SoC) devices for a broad range of applications such as ultra low power sensors, gaming consoles and Wi-Fi-WiMax combo chips. Besides Wireless LAN, the company’s IP portfolio includes Bluetooth, UWB and 1394 solutions.

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