BWise Launches Training & Certification Program

10 December 2008

BWise, the leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software solutions, announced today the launch of its global Training and Certification Program for BWise partners and customers. Training will enable third party consultants and customers to better understand and manage BWise software and also understand concepts in the field of GRC. BWise will offer several levels to their certification for functional and technical administrators, as well as training for end users and expert training in specific areas of the BWise solution.

Proven competencies for third parties

“A rapidly increasing number of third party GRC business consultants use BWise software to manage risk and internal control frameworks and support new GRC initiatives in multinational organizations,” explained Berco Leeftink, BWise Vice President of Engagement. “BWise wants to ensure customers that they are working with a partner with proven competencies, adequately skilled to perform implementations and support users. A BWise certified consultant can prove that he or she has invested in building up the required knowledge and expertise of the BWise software.”

Prepare your project team and employees

In addition, BWise customers can also be trained and certified. BWise has many customers that undertake the roll-out of the BWise solution themselves. For those customers, BWise certification can help to add quality and assured results. BWise also offers a wide range of end user training to instruct users in how to work with the software. “BWise provides training tailored to customer situations, helping to improve world-wide user adoption, improve quality and speed of roll-out. We have had tremendous success with this approach, and have therefore decided to provide it as a dedicated service offering,” said Luc Brandts, CTO and Founder of BWise. Training and certification in BWise software is not only of value during the implementation and installation of BWise software, but it will also reap value in the long term, during the everyday use of the GRC software.

Increasing demand for risk management knowledge

As a result of the current credit crisis BWise consultants get many questions about the company’s experience in risk management areas. BWise has extensive experience with companies in various industries and from that knowledge has been able to compose a set of internal risk management best practices and lessons learned. To that end, BWise end user training also includes two knowledge training courses: GRC and Internal Control, and a new Risk Management training course. These knowledge worker courses will give customers an introduction to GRC. The first scheduled Risk Management training sessions will be March 5th, 2009 in Rosmalen, the Netherlands.

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