Lab49 Mobilises Clients with iPhone 2.0 platform

4 August 2008

Lab49, Inc., a technology consulting firm that builds advanced solutions for the financial services industry, today announced it has begun developing applications for the Apple iPhone 2.0 platform for buy-side and sell-side financial institutions.

Lab49 has seen sizable and growing demand for developing financial applications on the iPhone platform, with hedge funds seeming to adopt this technology the fastest. High-demand applications include: real-time information and data visualization; mobile workflow management; and monitoring and management of real-time trading applications and high-performance infrastructures.

The consultancy has created "Lab49 Capital", an iPhone application showing real-time portfolio management on the handheld device. The application helps buy-side portfolio managers track the performance of their assets in real time, and "slice and dice" positions, P&L and changes in the portfolio across multiple dimensions such as strategy, industry, country and manager.

"The new iPhone platform presents significant opportunities to buy-side and sell-side firms," said Marc Jacobs, director at Lab49. "The extension of financial applications to workforces across multiple floors, buildings, geographies, and client sites; faster response times to complex financial, legal and technical events; and quicker time to market, all make for a new wave of applications that can actually be applied throughout the financial enterprise."

"Lab49 has always innovated in developing sophisticated financial software systems and advanced user interfaces, progressing the state of the art in real-time information and data visualization on the desktop," said Daniel Chait, managing director at Lab49. "We have consistently recognised and responded to change and opportunity in the financial marketplace and the technology industry. Leveraging the strength of the Apple iPhone 2.0 platform and the Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices, Lab49 is now the first to extend its capabilities to mobile computing platform, addressing these capabilities in the enterprise. We're once again enhancing the value of our client's world-class financial systems."

The iPhone 2.0 platform is a breakthrough platform that offers a compelling combination of high-speed network connectivity, security, performance, high resolution display, rich programming interfaces, and software development tools to encourage widespread mobile device development within the enterprise. The iPhone and iPod Touch devices are high-resolution multi-touch screen devices with compelling user interfaces that offer significant mobile development opportunities to forward-thinking enterprises.

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