Teradata Customers Win Prestigious Best Practices Awards From The Data Warehousing Institute

19 August 2008

Two customers have earned best practices awards for 2008 from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in enterprise data warehousing, has announced. The industry-celebrated awards were presented yesterday at the TDWI World Conference in San Diego. The annual awards recognize companies with innovative business intelligence and data warehousing projects.

Teradata customers are being recognized for their exceptional achievements in the development and execution of data-warehouse-driven business practices generating significant business value in two categories:

• Data Governance: Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)

• Enterprise Business Intelligence: GE Rail Services (GERS)

“We congratulate these industry-leading customers who join a long list of previous award winners who innovate with Teradata,” said Darryl McDonald, chief marketing officer, Teradata. “Companies are continuing to distinguish themselves through the strategic use of data warehousing to boost their enterprise-wide business intelligence capabilities.”

Airlines Reporting Corporation Wins Data Governance Award

Data governance at ARC has improved data content and data handling that has resulted in increased employee productivity, improved time-to-market for data products and services, and additional revenues. The company’s need for rigorous processes around data access and usage was driven by the fact that at ARC, data is a product delivered externally to customers. ARC’s business intelligence and data warehousing implementation has been in place since 2002.

“Data governance plays a major role in our Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs including Payment Card Industry and ARC’s internal Data Security Standard,” said Deven Bhatt, Chief Security Officer at ARC.

ARC provides a foundation that is scalable and modeled with an enterprise view easily repeatable within and outside of ARC’s core industry, the airline and travel industry. They have also found a strong relationship between business and technical resources is critical to the success of a fully implemented, enterprise-wide, data governance solution – a true enterprise view offers consistency and repeatability for all data, platforms, applications, etc. With strong audit and corporate responsibility and on-going relationship building with suppliers, ARC has built a strong foundation for integration of multiple data sources, which is key for success when considering privacy and rights of using data (e.g. individual traveler consumer privacy protection, EU privacy laws, safe harbor, etc.).

“ARC considers data our ultimate proprietary technology asset and intellectual property – no organization has the data we have. This data allows ARC to create products and services for the travel industry that addresses industry challenges while creating revenue for ARC – the data used must be above reproach to maintain company reputation and brand integrity and quality,” said Becky Briggs, senior manager and data steward of ARC data and analytics business line.

ARC is an airline-owned company that provides financial settlement solutions and data and analytical services to the travel industry, including airlines, railroads, travel agents, corporate travel departments, airports and industry analysts.

Enterprise Business Intelligence Awarded to GE Rail Services

GERS’ latest comprehensive information delivery Enterprise BI Portal meets a wide spectrum of user needs, from self-service and ad-hoc analysis to standardized metric reports organized by business function to dashboards and many sophisticated strategic and operational analytics applications.

Senior management at GERS views their enterprise business intelligence platform as a strategic investment that has helped the company improve efficiency of operational, commercial, financial and services aspects of the business and generating significant financial benefits and a unique competitive advantage. “Being a business that drives improvement through Lean and Six Sigma, having a comprehensive BI platform is critical to defining our areas for improvement and measuring our results,” said Bill O’Neill, CIO at GERS.

“The enterprise business intelligence practice at GERS has matured through several business and leadership cycles,” said Vijitha Kaduwela, BI leader at GERS. “Strong business ownership, a centralized core BI team, strategic technology partner relationships and mature processes are the drivers behind our success.”

GERS is a leading service provider to the global rail industry. As a member of General Electric Company’s (NYSE: GE) GERS leases the most diverse fleet of railcars in the industry as well as a full range of intermodal assets, to transport vital commodities where and when they are needed.

According to TDWI, the best practices awards program is designed to identify and honor companies that have demonstrated excellence in developing, deploying, and maintaining business intelligence and data warehousing applications. Winners are chosen by a panel of independent judges who have expertise in business intelligence and data warehousing. TDWI provides in-depth, high-quality education and training in business intelligence and data warehousing.

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