QuantHouse announces sub-millisecond access to Liffe through the latest 100Mbps connectivity leveraging co-location within the exchange

26 August 2008

Quant House, the leading provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions today announced upgrading its exchange capacity to Liffe to the latest 100Mbps connectivity leveraging co-location within the exchange to capture data.

This will further reduce the time it takes for data to be captured by QuantHouse infrastructure and systems. It allows QuantHouse clients to get full market depth information on all products and, as a consequence, accelerate order execution on LIFFE CONNECT.

QuantFEED, the QuantHouse ultra low latency market data solution, leverages QuantHouse feed handler technology, co-located within the exchange, written in C++ with a multi-threaded design and running on Linux.

The QuantHouse proprietary fiber optic network and feedhandler technology allow QuantHouse clients to be the first to receive any exchange market data feeds.

Commenting on the announcement, Pierre Feligioni, General Manager & Founder of QuantHouse, said, “QuantHouse’s customers now also have the ability to leverage the fact that QuantHouse data capture and standardization infrastructures and systems are locating beside the LIFFE CONNECT matching engines in Liffe's new data centre. Designed for Liffe's most time-sensitive customers, it offers the fastest possible access to the market data feed”.

Stéphane Leroy, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at QuantHouse, added, "We are pleased to continue to demonstrate our reactivity and commitment to always deliver the fastest market data feed to the market. Liffe announced this new service mid July and it took us less than 4 weeks to upgrade our current QuantFEED service. QuantHouse will follow any exchange plans in place for further capacity increases. “

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