Migratory launches new RMDS-centric push web server; 1 million updates/sec and half-million users by 2 x dual-core CPU

25 August 2008

Migratory Data Systems, a leading provider of Reuters RMDS-centric solutions, today announced the launch of RMDS2Web Server, Standard Edition (SE) – a low-latency server solution for building web trading portals distributing live content from a Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) infrastructure.

RMDS2Web Server SE pushes truly asynchronously – without using page refresh or Ajax polling simulation techniques – live content from RMDS to a standard web browser with zero-install on the client side.

RMDS2Web Server SE enables financial institutions to create (migrate) live web trading systems using a straightforward JavaScript library. It is fully integrated with RMDS including Data Access Control System (DACS) via Open DACS preventing costly data infringements.

RMDS2Web Server SE implements an in-house low-latency push engine optimized for RMDS able to publish 1 million updates per second and to serve half-million concurrent web clients from a single 2 x dual-core CPU server. It also implements all production-level features: security using SSL/TLS, load balancing, and fail-over. It presents live data without confusing the end-user with unclear page status unlike other solutions that have usability deficiencies such as a permanent loading progress bar, permanent busy cursor, permanent loading status text etc,

RMDS2Web Server SE runs on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. It is integrated with both RMDS/5 and RMDS/6. The web browsers currently supported are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

“The launch of RMDS2Web Server SE is a key milestone in the development of a full-featured platform for building high-performance intelligent trading systems which will include complex event processing for algorithmic trading. With RMDS2Web Server SE financial institutions can already benefit from its extreme performance and its full integration with RMDS to deploy cost-effective live web trading systems”, said Dr. Mihai Rotaru, CTO at Migratory Data Systems.

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