IPC’s MAXaccess 1000TM Helps Increase Productivity at Pali Capital

26 August 2008

IPC Systems Inc., a leading provider of indispensable communications, has announced the general availability of its MAXaccess 1000TM trader mobility and business continuity tool as part of an upgrade to its Alliance MX 15.2 multi-media platform. IPC also announced that Pali Capital, a global, full-service institutional securities firm and investment bank, has ordered MAXaccess, along with a host of IPC’s award-winning IQ/MAX trading turrets.

Pali placed the order after a successful beta test among its traders of MAXaccess, IPC’s cutting-edge solution that translates the essential functionality of a trader’s turret onto any desktop with a PC, broadband access and telephone. MAXaccess deploys from any location, providing immediate access to customer and market information.

In addition to providing access to liquidity, MAXaccess offers a cost-effective business continuity solution, protecting against unforeseen disruptions or unexpected outages that could prevent regular turret access.

“From the very start of the beta testing, it was apparent that MAXaccess was an excellent complement to the desktop turret,” said Naresh Singh, chief information officer at Pali Capital. “It is clear that IPC understands how to make traders more productive. This new offering enables our traders to interact with our clients, accessing all critical turret functionality, including automatic ringdown circuits as if they were at their desks. No other product on the market provides the flexibility to competitively access the market regardless of location, time zones, or access to the office.”

As part of IPC’s commitment to developing innovative VoIP solutions for the most-demanding trading environments, the Alliance MX 15.2’s new capabilities allow customers to implement completely resilient networks and ensure true “end-to-end” resiliency for IP trading floor telephony. The IQ/MAX also features dual network ports for redundancy, and the Alliance software has been upgraded.

“IPC has continually led the financial services industry in developing the next-generation of trading technology, and the Alliance MX 15.2 upgrade is the latest example,” said Michael Speranza, IPC vice president of product management. “The innovations offered by the upgrade and the availability of MAXaccess provide traders with additional flexibility, security and protection against various types of service disruptions or remote needs, resulting in enhanced access to markets and increased productivity.”

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