Sharesoft Solutions announces the new release of “AswaqVision™”

18 August 2008

Sharesoft solutions unveiled the new release of its flagship e-trading product “AswaqVision™”, which is built using the latest cutting-edge technologies. AswaqVision™ product is designed to serve the needs of investors and traders in the financial markets.

According to Dr. Haikel AlHichri, Business Development Director at Sharesoft Solutions, “The new releases of products from Sharesoft including AswaqVison, AswaqWeb, AswaqTrader, AswaqBroker are the result of unprecedented collaboration between Sharesoft solutions and its clients”.

This latest release comes with multiple enhancements and new advanced features that will make trading significantly more accessible and user-friendly, and hence allow Sharesoft to compete with the biggest international companies.

Dr. Alhichri added that: “Today, Sharesoft offers products and solutions that are among the most advanced and sophisticated in the markets. They have exhibited superior performance compared to other products as testified by some client’s benchmarks. The new release comes with many enhancements and even more features that will help traders save significant time and effort while trading online. It also provides traders with rich and fully customizable user interfaces that are both attractive and easy to use. Sharesoft has invested heavily in research and development of its products, and has thoroughly tested them. I think that Sharesoft’s products represent a new wave of development and innovation, and will make major headlines in the coming period”.

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