Elysium Technology Group to commercialize its proprietary risk and processing platform, MP Tracker

18 August 2008

Elysium Capital Group opened in 2002 as a proprietary trading group focused on FX Spot and Options, in addition to futures and options in other asset classes-- Short Term Interest Rates, Treasuries, Equity Indexes, Precious Metals and Commodities. Elysium Capital operated as an advisory global macro hedge fund from 2003 to 2005, managing up to $230 million at its peak.

Under the direction of Ed Mount, Elysium developed its own web-based risk management tools and expanded the functionality of MPTracker to accommodate the various requirements of managing 7 separate funds/managed accounts and reporting to various distinct fund administrators and many individual investors. Elysium Capital accomplished this with the use of the MPTracker database reporting platform, which fully integrates the reporting and reconciliation processes with prime brokers and administrators, while warehousing trades and positions for centralized risk management purposes.

The web-based ASP solution is accessible securely 24 hours a day by permissioned traders, administrators, investors and credit/risk managers via any internet connection. The MPTracker processing/risk platform has been continually operational for over 6 years.

Elysium Technology has also developed a proprietary execution tool which consolidates the various streaming Foreign Exchange price feeds accessible from direct bank counterparties and ECN's. Elysium Capital uses this to transact directly via the GridIron User Interface (point and click) as well as via GridIron API to facilitate automated trading signals from algorithmic traders. The GridIron execution platform has been operational for over 2 years.

With the addition of Russell W. Daws (formerly with PerTrac Financial Solutions, considered by many as the world’s leading asset allocation and investment analysis software) as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the platforms are being deployed to individual hedge fund managers, fund-of-funds, CTA’s, and family offices in the form of a risk management/processing tool, which will streamline their internal operations. Elysium Capital operated its $230 million fund (as mentioned, with 7 managed accounts and 5 administrators) with a single operations person, who basically monitored the automated process and answered queries from investors and administrators.

Essentially, MPTracker and GridIron were built by traders and risk managers to provide real-time risk and pnl reporting, while also accommodating real-time generation of financial accounting to the various other aspects of the management of a hedge fund.

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