Coral8 announces the availability of Coral8 Engine Release 5.4

18 August 2008

Coral8, Inc., a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced the availability of Coral8 Engine Release 5.4. The new release extends the leadership position of Coral8’s Continuous Computation Language (CCL) and facilitates even greater sophistication in their CEP applications. The Coral8 Engine enhancements also provide greater configuration flexibility, while the Coral8 Portal was enhanced to add more visualization options, including drill-down support.

Highlights of Coral8 Engine’s new features and their benefits include:

Language enhancements simplify the expression of sophisticated logic
• UPDATE WINDOW statement facilitates developers’ application state management using Coral8 window;
• INSERT VALUES statement, OUTPUT AT startup clause, and RPC plug-in for CSV files allow flexible, easy execution synchronization on startup or at any given time;
• New Bitwise CCL Functions offer more granular data stream field manipulation; Increased Engine flexibility through dynamic configuration and control
• Developers can specify DB/RPC cache properties and clear the DB/RPC cache on demand directly via application logic in CCL;
• Services configurations can be changed and dynamically re-configured
• Automatic schema matching offers greater flexibility in connecting streams between pipelined or parallel projects

Enhanced Portal extends usability to business groups
• New 3-D charting and drilled down functionality provide deeper analytic capability to business users

Additional enhancements in Coral8 Studio, such as Send Row to Stream tool, facilitate debugging, while Eclipse plug-in now provides a “light Studio” environment for Java developers to run queries.

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