Chordiant Introduces New Generation of Case Management for Global Insurance/Healthcare, Telco, and Financial Services Brands

18 August 2008

Chordiant Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHRD), the leading provider of Customer Experience (Cxâ„¢) software and services, today announced a new generation of case management capabilities for the global enterprise. Chordiant Enterprise Case Management (ECM) puts the customer at the center of enterprise operations to ensure global brands in the insurance/healthcare, telco and financial services markets can focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

Chordiant ECM sits at the hub of an enterprise and provides a central mechanism for tracking hundreds of millions of customer cases, work items, and historical interactions across multiple lines of business, product groups, and applications, including existing non-Chordiant applications. It also intelligently determines and initiates the business steps that need to be followed to fulfill each service event. Chordiant ECM gives customer-facing personnel a full, historical view of the customer and ensures that the appropriate next steps are taken to deliver a seamless, complete, and appropriate customer experience every time.

Chordiant ECM not only manages and distributes all customer information, it is used with Chordiant Decision Management to determine the “next best action” for each customer case, and then initiate the business steps required to complete that action. These steps can be fulfilled by a user or automatically by the system. For example, if an account goes into collections, the system will automatically recommend and initiate the appropriate next step to be taken. This next step may be the triggering of an automated letter, or the prompting of an agent to contact the customer. If the customer is sent a letter and doesn’t respond, the next time that customer calls into the contact center, any agent who answers the call will have visibility into the fact that a letter was generated and that the customer did not respond.

Enterprise case management ensures that all customer-facing personnel, irrespective of the channel of communication, will now have enhanced visibility into a customer account. This is particularly critical in the insurance/healthcare, telco and financial services industries, where companies seek to improve customer interactions for millions of customer accounts across hundreds of product lines and dozens of business units.

For example, in insurance, as TowerGroup’s research director Karen Pauli notes: "Facing an environment of legacy transformation, agency system integration, and an increasingly sophisticated and demanding customer set, many major carriers today are seeking out new ways to improve the overall experience for their subscribers. As they are finding, the ability to develop a unified view of the customer across Property & Casualty or Life policy boundaries is important. A capability such as enterprise case management is definitely a step in the right direction."

“Chordiant Enterprise Case Management is a tremendous breakthrough for improving the customer experience,” said Rob Walker, vice president, decisioning, Chordiant Software. “It enables companies to view a customer through an optimal lens, which blends the customer’s interaction history with open cases and knowledge of the next appropriate business step. Each subsequent interaction becomes another chapter of the ongoing chronicle. This not only gives customer-facing personnel a more complete view of the customer, it enables our patented decisioning technology to always deliver next-best-action recommendations in real-time.”

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