OTC Val Expands Derivatives Coverage

11 August 2008

OTC Valuations Limited (OTC Val), a leading provider of independent derivatives valuation and risk reports for structured products and exotic derivatives, today announced that it has expanded its derivatives coverage for Credit, Inflation, Equity, FX, and Fixed Income products.

OTC Val has expanded its valuation platform to include synthetic and bespoke credit products such as CDOs; inflation coverage includes Bermudan-callable ZC and YoY inflation swaps; equity and FX coverage includes structured basket products with barriers, triggers, and TARN features; and fixed income coverage includes CMS spread and range accrual swaps, including range accruals with time dependent and stochastic barriers. These instruments complement OTC Val’s existing coverage which includes, among other instruments: vanilla as well as capped and conditional variance swaps on equities and indices, equity swaps, equity basket options, interest rate swaps and swaptions, CDS, Index CDS (CDX & iTRAXX), CMS swaps, and LIBOR range accrual swaps.

Bob Sangha, managing director at OTC Val, adds "We are committed to evolving our service to address the ongoing market needs for a comprehensive solution for vanilla and complex derivatives pricing. The new product coverage not only enables clients to fill their exotic derivatives valuation needs, but also offers a single independent valuation source for their portfolios".

Given the growing interest in exotic derivatives and structured products among alternative asset manager, hedge funds, and institutional investors, a need has arisen for accurate, timely, and transparent valuations. Fund administrators, asset servicing firms, and custodians who provide services to clients with exotic and illiquid products require either an in-house solution, or an outsourced solution to a third party vendor like OTC Val. For those who prefer to outsource, OTC Val's broad coverage and automated service provides a comprehensive solution for all of their clients' derivative portfolios.

OTC Val is committed to working with vendors, fund administrators, custodians, and other sell-side and buy-side organizations to address growing market pressures for transparent and accurate valuations.

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