Decillion MAPS replaces the long running payments highway for Bank Internasional Indonesia

9 April 2008

Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) and Decillion Solutions Group (Decillion Solutions Pte Ltd and Decillion Solutions Australia Pty Ltd) today announced the successful implementation of SWIFTAlliance Access and MAPS (Modular Automated Processing System) as the replacement for the long standing and long running MERVA system at BII. MAPS interfaces 7 different core applications and processes over 4000 SWIFT messages daily, involving 7 of the 9 SWIFT message categories and using over 70 different SWIFT message types.

Over the past decade, MERVA has been the de facto solution for FIN transaction handling. It is still used by over 300 of the largest banks and service providers worldwide. The perceived complexity of replacing such a legacy system that handles critical financial messaging at the very core of a bank’s back office means that many MERVA users will continue to use it for some time.

As the current product used by BII only provides annual FIN standards updates, many MERVA users will be faced with the strategic decision to migrate to a more contemporary solution in order to evolve with the ever-changing market. Challenged by this very decision, BII, one of the largest banks in Indonesia, took the initiative to step ahead of its competition by embarking on a project to replace the MERVA system with a newer, more capable and innovative solution. “We felt that the time to migrate the MERVA system was now, rather than later. With SWIFT message standards changing every year along with the introduction of new ISO 20022 SWIFT based messages, we need to be prepared for regular maintenance of the existing SWIFT ecosystem, now and in the near future. We wanted a proven technology one that we knew would do a successful replacement and also to cater for future needs. Domain expertise was also the additional criteria we wanted to ensure was met prior to engaging any vendors.” says Ms. Rita Mas’Oen, Director of IT & Operations, BII.

BII had explored a few options with Decillion Solutions Group and were finally presented with MAPS, an enterprise wide, SWIFT standards based, messaging solution that maps business process workflow of an organisation to facilitate financial communications between systems, people or a combination of both. With its core foundation supported by Microsoft BizTalk Server technology, Ho Kwok Hoong, Chief Technology Officer, BII, confirmed that “MAPS was the prime candidate to take over the role of a replacement for the MERVA as the Payments Highway. With existing support of 358 SWIFT message types, MAPS is also enabled and ready to support the new upcoming ISO 20022 standard based SWIFT MX messages and enables BII to lead the industry in implementing new XML-based SWIFTNet solutions.”

MAPS has been live since mid November 2007, currently processing over 70 SWIFT Message Types spanning across different SWIFT categories, both inbound and outbound directions. Daily processing volumes are in excess of 4000 messages. “We are very pleased to partner with BII to provide an innovative STP platform for financial messaging, essentially laying the building blocks to shift from application silos to orchestrated processes,” said Thomas Lee, group CEO, Decillion Solutions.

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