Hotspot FXi Launches Records Center Historical Data Platform

28 April 2008

Hotspot FXi is launching access to its Hotspot Records Center historical market data archive. The archive includes price and quantity tick and transaction data dating back to January 2004.

Hotspot FXi, LLC, a subsidiary of Knight Capital Group, Inc., was the first institutional foreign exchange ECN. When Hotspot FXi launched, it set a new standard in foreign exchange market data. All Hotspot FXi rates are executable, neutral, and reflect multiple price contributors and available quantities at each price level. With these robust attributes, Hotspot FXi's market data can more effectively power trading models, algorithms, and analytics than the indicative, best bid/offer indicated pricing that represented the norm in foreign exchange data.

“We are very excited about launching this value added product and tool kit to the marketplace," said Keith Lite, Global Director of Business Development at Hotspot FX. "Prospective and current clients are constantly seeking access to our historical data, which they view as a critical component in developing, testing and validating trading models, which are being continuously fine tuned. We developed this archive access in direct response to client inquiries and requirements."

This vast archive of historical market data is optimal for performing deep data analysis, uncovering trends and trading signals, back-testing automated trading models, and much more. Data sets can be downloaded in a variety of formats for easy up-loading into data analysis systems, such as those provided by our array of strategic partners.

The archive includes:
Tick Data:
Top Of Book: Best bid and offer by currency pair at user-determined time intervals; and
Full Depth of Book: All bids and offers by currency pair at user-determined time intervals
Transaction Data: Prices and associated size of all trades executed on the Hotspot FXi ECN with corresponding time stamps. Transaction data is released on a three-month delayed schedule.

The Hotspot FXi ECN: The market data included in the archive is derived from transactions on the Hotspot FXi ECN. All transactions on the ECN are:
- Executable - All Hotspot FXi data is based on live, firm rates with associated quantities. The concept of indicative rates does not exist within the Hotspot FXi market structure.
- Neutral - All trading on Hotspot FXi is anonymous and its instant dealing protocol ensures off market rates are instantly arbitraged away or posted outside of the best bid and offer. Hotspot FXi's market structure and trading protocols ensure that its rates are fully neutral, reflecting global market conditions.
- Fast - Hotspot FXi offers a choice of three price feeds each of which show all bids and offers available on the ECN. Price feeds are available at frequencies of 250 milliseconds, 50 milliseconds, and real-time streaming.
- Diverse - Hotspot FXi market data reflects bids and offers entered by top global bank market makers as well as prices entered by the world's leading hedge funds, CTAs, asset managers and proprietary traders. This client-supplied liquidity, which totals several billion dollars of daily trading volume, represents a unique liquidity pool in the FX market. Hotspot FXi's diverse price provider universe of banks and client financial institutions ensures robust price discovery.

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