Solace Systems Introduces Next-Generation Content Networking Router and Blades

15 April 2008

Solace Systems, the leading supplier of high-speed, low-latency content networking systems, today launched the Solace 3260 Content Router, the next-generation platform in its 3200 Series Content Networking System product family. The robust Solace 3260 holds up to 10 special-purpose hardware networking blades to provide the best-in-class performance, manageability and low cost of ownership required by today’s distributed application architectures. The Solace 3260 Content Router adds more muscle to the product lineup that is built around the Solace 3230 Content Router, which is currently in production with customers around the world.

Hardware-based networking systems like the Solace 3260 offer an alternative to traditional content middleware systems which are approaching a breaking point within environments where large-scale real-time data distribution is critical. With its modular hardware blades, the Solace router can process millions of messages per second with latency measured in tens of microseconds. A wide range of companies with high-performance, distributed application requirements such as financial institutions, information providers and global telecommunications companies will benefit from these breakthrough performance enhancements.

“A technical arms race has begun between companies in the global economy to ensure they can deliver and receive quality, actionable information more quickly than their competitors,” said Jonathan Bosloy, CTO at Solace Systems. “The 3260 router’s reliable ultra-low latency and complex data processing can ensure efficient information distribution and drive significant revenue gains versus today’s middleware alternatives.”

Solace has also introduced the Solace Topic Routing Blade and a new version of the Solace Network Acceleration Blade:
•Solace Topic Routing Blade: The Topic Routing Blade performs traditional topic-based message routing in hardware at rates greater than 10 million messages per second per blade, representing a performance improvement of an order of magnitude or more than existing solutions.
•Solace Network Acceleration Blade: A new model of the Solace Network Acceleration Blade delivers advanced network processor technology to accelerate performance at layers two through seven of the network stack using eight parallel Gigabit Ethernet ports. Each Solace Network Acceleration Blade can deliver eight million messages per second per installed blade, with just tens of microseconds of latency overhead per topic-based message. Traditional high throughput inhibitors such as context switching are eliminated as there is no software or operating system involved in the message processing and delivery path.

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