Aquin launches MIG21 Web 7.0 More transparent and user-friendly version

15 April 2008

Aquin, a leading software solutions provider to the international asset management and fund industry, is pleased to announce the launch of MIG21 Web 7.0, the next-generation web interface for Aquin’s investment compliance software MIG21.

MIG21 Web 7.0, an interactive, web-services based reporting framework can be seamlessly integrated into any corporate web portal and boasts substantial technological and functional refinements. Improvements include:

• New configuration options facilitate client-specific layout adaptations that improve portal performance and enhance transparency.
• The user-interface has been fully redesigned so that users can get a complete understanding of the system in a shorter period of time.
• Improved reporting and auditing functionality is added via the new calendar feature and a display of historical data that offers an option for in-depth analysis.

The latter is a significant development as it grants easy access to detailed asset information as well as enabling users to enter a comprehensive overview of past compliance breaches, including the breach’s entire lifecycle.

The redeveloped integrated Report Engine allows reports to be generated automatically, distributed via the web application. The new MIG21 Web 7.0 also features a multi-entity capability allowing users to access numerous MIG21 installations simultaneously.

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