Besso Insurance appoints KnowledgeCore as strategic partner

London - 10 April 2008

Besso Insurance, a leading London based international brokering organisation with specialities in risk, re-insurance, international and marine insurance, has appointed KnowledgeCore Limited as a strategic IT partner in the supply of Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Change Management, Test Management and Compliance Solutions.

The KnowledgeCore solution provides a modular solution to provide real-time reporting of the current status of complex and interlinked projects and programmes, both IT and business based, by automatically collecting data from existing databases, financial system, HR and resource management systems, project management tools and testing tools.

A key differentiator with the KnowledgeCore solution is that existing business processes, tools, databases or software or systems do not need to be changed or amended in any way. Instead the solution collects data by interfacing directly with existing sources to provide a real-time dashboard showing up-to-the-minute status of even complex and interlinked projects.

“We initially began with KnowledgeCore when we realised that issues relating to our business critical system developments could not be prioritised or tracked.” Said Besso IT Director Gary Pruce. “We deployed the KnowledgeCore Issue Management Module which we found simple and quick to get up and running. Within weeks we had reduced our outsourced development issues by 90% and could now identify the most business critical issues and concentrate on them. This gave us the ability to maintain our excellent level of service to our customers and enhance their experience and level of support.”

“Having proven that Issue Management worked really well we decided to implement Risk Management. We can now see all of our risks on a single dashboard and drill down to the actual data through the dashboard. This means we are much more efficient in reducing and mitigating risks and delivering enhancements and business changes. Working with KnowledgeCore also enabled us to align our Risk Management process with the FSA’s guidelines to conform to the Arrow2 inspections. We also decided to implement Test Management so that the delivery of major new developments could be ensured by tracking and reporting on development and implementation testing. All in all, we are now much more efficient at delivering enhancements that the business needs to progress, without the cost and expense of having to change the already effective way the business operated” Continued Gary Pruce.

A key differentiator of the KnowledgeCore solution is the ability to link projects, risks and issues together in a link tree to see the interaction and dependent risks to the business. A simple click through enables all dependencies to be interrogated and to view the actual data that m ay be causing a risk or issue to be raised and escalated.

“We are really proud to have been appointed by Besso as a strategic partner,” said Ed McMahon, KnowledgeCore Managing Director,” They have been as good for us as we have been for them and the fact that they are professional to work with is an added bonus. KnowledgeCore will continue to deliver solutions as and when the business actually needs them without the requirement to purchase or install a whole suite, thereby adding cost, complexity and change that is not needed.”

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