AMS Connectivity Services (ACS) Announces New Features Added to AMS TransactNOW

14 April 2008

AMS Connectivity Services (ACS) is pleased to announce the addition of several new features to AMS TransactNOW, a state-of-the-art solution which gives agents real-time access to carrier information. AMS TransactNOW’s new features, including CL Submit, Activities and Notifications and a new AMS TransactNOW Client, version 6.0, which will be available to all AMS TransactNOW users and carriers in May of 2008.

AMS TransactNOW features include a multi-carrier commercial submission feature, CL Submit, which enables extensive reuse of the policy detail stored in the agency management system. This allows agents and commercial carriers to process submissions directly from AMS TransactNOW, and supports submission data and documents from the agent. Further, integration with the ImageRight content management system will be available “out of the box” later this year.

The new AMS TransactNOW 6.0 Client features Windows Vista support and a completely new installation program to support Citrix- and Terminal Server-based agencies.

Additionally, AMS Services partnered with the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies to develop and deliver the Activities and Notifications functionality. The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies is the first carrier to implement this new AMS TransactNOW feature. The Activities and Notifications capability will help agents receive timely notification of claim, billing, and other activity, directly from carriers in real-time, through AMS TransactNOW.

“The Activities and Notifications feature marks a true turning point in how transactions are handled by carriers and agents,” said Fred Covely, president of AMS Connectivity Services. “Carriers can now reach out to the AMS TransactNOW agent community electronically, whereas before only agents had the ability to initiate transactions. Further, through CLSubmit, AMS TransactNOW agent users can send commercial lines submissions to multiple carriers at the same time, while the new AMS TransactNOW Client includes better integration capabilities than ever before.”

These new AMS TransactNOW features will ultimately allow for more timely dissemination of critical data, enable new business submission of commercial policies to multiple carriers, reduce duplicative keystroke efforts, and yield much faster workflows in call center environments where agents execute the same inquiry multiple times.

“We are continuing to raise the bar for ‘real time,’” concluded Covely. “These are incremental steps toward a more connected industry.”

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