Azul Systems Introduces A Developer Focused Appliance with Unique Real-Time Performance Monitoring Capabilities

Mountain View, CA - 27 March 2008

Azul Systems, the award-winning innovator behind server appliances that deliver compute and memory resources as a shared network service, announced today the only REALTime Performance Monitor (RTPM) solution that can successfully address the need for superior Java performance profiling in real-time with no performance detriments.

Azul’s RTPM technology is the only offering like it found in today’s developers marketplace, and without the use of this tool developers can only profile offline with very limited visibility to performance information. Through the use of Azul’s RTPM technology, developers are finally able to utilize unique real-time capabilities that help them to recognize and fix issues without having to restart or reboot the application, while allowing no downtime to the end-user. The RTPM technology has also been successful in identifying performance problems as they happen in production.

Azul’s RTPM solution maximizes infrastructure productivity by enabling deep visibility into all performance aspects of an application, including thread profiles, memory profiles, and IO profiles. This is ideal for solving performance bottlenecks related to multicore processing, data scalability, and IO. Azul’s RTPM technology is the choice solution to address these problems because it is creating reliable performance information by eliminating bias introduced from conventional tools, and achieves this with zero performance overhead.

The benefits achieved by Azul’s RTPM technology have allowed developers to create high-performance applications faster and with more confidence by locating the source of performance bottlenecks in minutes, solving performance challenges in these areas, accelerating Time-To-Market for new services, and spending more time developing and less time tuning.

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