Paris and Sunnyvale, CA - 26 September 2007

ILOG® (NASDAQ: ILOG, Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) today announced that ILOG CPLEX® has broken performance records in new benchmark tests released this week - demonstrating processing times up to 10-times faster for the most complex business problems. CPLEX's performance increase will mean businesses in the supply chain, manufacturing and logistics markets, among others, can increase the scope of their planning from one region to across regions, turn an overnight batch job into a near real-time application, or do rapid what-if analysis on a planning problem.

ILOG CPLEX, the world's most widely-deployed optimisation software, improves business efficiency and decision making by allowing businesses to calculate the best utilisation of existing resources and implement an action plan that can deliver potentially millions of dollars in savings.

Optimisation problems - such as how best to optimise a truck load, or where to cost effectively locate a distribution center - are expressed using optimisation models. For the benchmark tests, conducted on a single-core Intel processor, ILOG grouped the problems into two categories: mid-range problems, taking between one minute and one hour to solve, and problems taking more than one hour to solve.

The most complex business problems, in the more than one-hour category, benefited most from the improvements to the CPLEX mixed-integer programming (MIP) optimiser - solving 10-times faster. These problems include many large planning and scheduling problems in the supply chain and transportation fields that optimise across, for example, many different time increments and involving different geographic regions. There were also significant improvements for mid-range category, which includes what-if analysis for planning applications, which CPLEX was able to solve on average three times faster than before.

The benchmarks also identified 150 optimisation models that could not be addressed using the previous technology that can now be solved using ILOG's new algorithmic advancements. These innovations include improvements to ILOG's branch-and-cut algorithm and other algorithmic enhancements that contribute to the significant performance gains. More details on the innovations will be discussed in detail later next month.

More than 1,000 commercial customers, including 160 members of the Global 500, use ILOG optimisation tools, engines and applications to solve the world's most challenging planning and scheduling problems. These customers include APL, BNSF, JR East, Logistics, Maersk, Schneider, SNCF, United Airlines, the United States Postal Service and UPS in transportation and logistics; and Airbus, Coors, Dell, Hansol Paper, Michelin, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Nippon Steel, Nissan, Porsche, Saint Gobain, Thyssen Krupp, and Toyota in manufacturing. ILOG optimisation products are also used by a majority of leading Supply Chain Management software vendors, including Infor, Manhattan Associates, JDA/Manugistics, Oracle, Red Prairie, Infor and SAP, as well as in research programs at over 1,000 universities around the world, making the products the "gold standard" for performance and solution quality in the Operations Research community.

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