Self Assured reduces customer backlogs and boosts service

26 September 2007

Self Assured, a leading insurance underwriter on behalf of certain syndicates at Lloyd's of London, is installing Infonic’s Document Manager solution (formerly known as Corpora’s TokOpen) to enhance its customer service and to provide improved protection of confidential client data.

As a specialist in life and accident insurance, a key challenge for Self Assured is dealing with the seasonal variation in volumes of client communication. Up to 80 percent of client requests are received at the start of the New Year or the beginning of the new financial tax year. A manual, paper-based process has historically been employed to handle documenting, tracking, managing and accessing this customer communication. However the paper-based processes were time consuming and made it difficult for the underwriter to quickly refer to client data.

“We have large volumes of post mail and emails coming into our offices, so keeping track of client data and making sure amendments are documented quickly is crucial,” said Peter Bushell, Director of Self Assured. “Previously this was an entirely manual process which meant that requests were backlogged until they were read and entered in our system. Whenever we received an inquiry about a case, retrieval was very time consuming and information was not always linked.”

The paper-based process also presented problems in ensuring stringent client data confidentiality. It did not provide reliable data backup and recovery in the case of a disaster, which is a Financial Services Authority (FSA) best practice requirement.

“We deal with medical records, so client confidentiality must always be our first priority,” stated Bushell. “We also work across multiple locations and remotely, so we need to be sure that confidential information is always protected, as required by the FSA, but at the same time it needs to be easily accessible to those who are entitled to it.”

“We have improved efficiency dramatically since implementing Document Manager. At certain times of year our staff have difficult, hectic workloads, as they are trying to deal with the backlog,” continued Bushell. “Now, when the post or email comes in it is immediately opened and then scanned or saved in the system, so we know what is urgent and what stage we are at with each client. We obviously still have our seasonal periods but now the backlog can be managed effectively.”

John Butler, Sales Director of Infonic’s Document Manager team, remarks: “Self Assured’s implementation of Document Manager demonstrates just how beneficial document management is to business processes. We tailored the solution to meet the unique demands of Self Assured’s business.”

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