ASX to Utilize Radianz Proximity Solution for Equities and Derivatives

17 September 2007

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has entered into an agreement with BT for the provision of low latency connectivity services. Global access to the equities and futures markets operated by ASX will be widened by the use of BT’s Radianz Proximity Solution in Asia-Pacific.

A new Radianz Proximity Solution site will be set-up in Sydney that will allow remote and international brokers and high velocity algorithmic trading customers to host their algorithmic trading boxes in close proximity to the exchange.

The closeness of the hosting centre to the exchange will deliver a latency (or speed of execution) to new participants equal to that being achieved by the highest performing existing ASX and Sydney Future Exchange (SFE) participants.

Mr Jeremy Johnston, ASX’s General Manager of International Sales, said: “The use of the Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure brings ASX markets closer to its customers wherever they are in the world. It is an important initiative because of Australia’s geographical position. By utilising BT’s Radianz Proximity Solution in Asia-Pacific we will open up significant opportunities for algorithmic trading groups and for major ASX participants for whom trade execution speed is vital. ”

Mr Richard Man, Head of Radianz Sales Asia-Pacific, BT Global Financial Services, said: “The growing demand from BT’s global clients for low latency services to trade the Australian markets will be met as a result of this initiative with ASX. In Asia-Pacific Radianz Proximity Solution is currently offered in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, and our plans in Sydney are a natural extension of our coverage. Combining BT’s global reach with customer support tailored for the financial markets means that it now becomes a lot easier for off-shore buy-side investors to deploy sophisticated electronic trading strategies in many international markets. “

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