Kapow and Paremus Partner to Deliver Enterprise Scale, Semantically Enriched Mashup Capability

London, UK, and Palo Alto, California, USA - 10 September 2007

Paremus, developer of the Infiniflowâ„¢ Enterprise Service Fabric (ESF), and Kapow Technologies, a market leader in Web 2.0 mashup server software, today announced a partnership agreement that will deliver dynamically deployable, scalable mashup services with enhanced resilience.

Mashups represent a new development approach to building composite applications and enable easier, faster integration of existing applications. The Kapow Mashup Serverâ„¢ product family developed by Kapow Technologies allows a wide variety of structured and unstructured data sources to be easily turned into mashup feeds and services. These feeds and services are then delivered as a variety of business solutions utilizing different mashup styles.

“Our patented, intuitive visual scripting approach allows developers and knowledge workers to build and deploy mashups in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional software development,” said Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies. “Working together with Paremus, we have OSGi™-enabled the Kapow Mashup Server, making it dynamically deployable and manageable across the Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric.”

Infiniflow provides a service-oriented middleware fabric with a dynamic, distributed runtime to allow the rapid deployment and automatic optimization and management of applications on commodity hardware. Organizations with Infiniflow can take advantage of modular application development with OSGi technology and model-based, automated operational management with SCA (Service Component Architecture), in order to satisfy business requirements and control costs.

With Infiniflow, it is easy to install and scale instances of the Kapow Mashup Server on the service fabric. Infiniflow then monitors the runtime fabric and ensures pre-defined service levels are maintained by automatically deploying a replacement instance should a Kapow Mashup Server become unavailable due, for example, to hardware failure.

“This solution is perfect for any enterprise that needs to collect unstructured data from a variety of sources,” said Richard Nicholson, CEO and founder of Paremus. “Our partnership with Kapow Technologies provides the optimum combination, with Infiniflow providing back-end dynamic assemble and scale-out capabilities for composite applications that directly complement Kapow Technologies' leading front-end Web 2.0 mashup serving capability.”

Example deployments include information gathering within Defense and Intelligence Agencies and semantically enhanced automated trading in the Finance sector.

Kapow Mashup Server solutions are available commercially from Kapow Technologies and via the openkapow open source developer community. Infiniflow is available commercially from Paremus and via the codeCauldron open source community as the Newton Project.

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