INSSINC Announces FUTRAK® for FAS 157

12 October 2007

Renowned for its leading FAS 133 and IAS 39 solutions, INSSINC introduces its latest module of FUTRAK® for FAS 157 compliancy. With enhanced features providing clients with capabilities to manage complex Fair Value level assignments, FUTRAK® solves the challenges of reporting under FAS 157. The FUTRAK® FAS 157 solution can be added as an extension of your current FUTRAK® system or purchased as an individual product to be installed on-site behind firewalls or hosted over the internet as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. Contact us to schedule a live product demo or for further information regarding our software services.

FUTRAK® FAS 157 Highlights:
- FUTRAK® can interface with your risk management system and provide the proper capabilities
to support different Fair Value levels.
- FUTRAK® is designed using a rule-based Fair Value level assessment which provides the
maximum flexibility and control.
- FUTRAK® has the ability to generate month to month analyses of Fair Value levels and track
transitions from one level to another.
- FUTRAK® allows strips or group trades that span across multiple Fair Value levels to be
automatically classified based on user-defined parameters.
- FUTRAK® produces the required disclosures for FAS 157 including: fair value measurement, roll forward of level 3, and gains/losses included in earnings for level 3.

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