Asentinel® Announces Partnership with ProfitLink Telecom Expense Management

Memphis, TN - 8 November 2007

Asentinel®, a global telecom expense management (TEM) and total telecom cost management (TTCM) leader, announced today that ProfitLink Telecom Expense Management, a Dallas, Texas-based TEM services provider, has selected Asentinel 5.0 as the technology platform for their telecom expense management services.

The partnership will allow each company to expand its reach in the TEM marketplace while still focusing on their respective core competencies. For Asentinel, that focus is developing and providing industry leading TEM technology solutions to the Global 2000 marketplace, while for ProfitLink it is delivering high quality telecom expense management and related professional services. ProfitLink will use Asentinel’s TEM software solution, Asentinel 5.0, as the technology platform behind ProfitLink’s package of TEM services for mid-market companies, defined as businesses spending between $1.2 and $12.0 million annually on telecom services.

“This partnership further strengthens our ability to serve the entire TEM marketplace regardless of a client’s size or preferred delivery model,” said Chris Hilden, Asentinel’s VP Affiliate Sales. “It also allows ProfitLink to complement their highly regarded telecom audit and professional services with a complete and proven technology solution to deliver the ongoing, automated telecom expense management services the marketplace is now demanding.”

After customer requests drove them to seek a TEM technology solution, ProfitLink conducted a rigorous search for a quality application that would provide the automated detailed monthly audits, workflow management, move-add-change-disconnect order management and reporting their customers were seeking.

“Asentinel was the only TEM technology vendor we found whose application did everything its marketing materials said it would,” said Devang Patel, ProfitLink’s President. “We quickly became excited about the power of Asentinel 5.0 and comfortable with the people behind it. We recognize that Asentinel 5.0 allows us to offer ProfitLink’s clients TEM solutions that integrate seamlessly with their existing processes and deliver an unsurpassed performance/price relationship.”

Asentinel’s Web-based software offering, Asentinel 5.0, features cutting edge, global TEM capabilities in its complete lifecycle expense management application, including industry-leading Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoice loading capabilities, TouchFree TEM™ and Contract Control™ managed services. Asentinel 5.0 offers customers real-time access to one centralized repository containing all of their telecom invoices, assets and contracts as well as the associated business intelligence/reporting to allow for complete lifecycle management.

“We’re excited about our partnership with ProfitLink and look forward to a long and successful relationship,” said Hilden.

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