ExSafe Secures and Manages Microsoft Office content under SaaS

7 November 2007 - Dublin, Ireland

ExSafe announces the availability of its product as a subscribed service, whereby it addresses the needs of securing and managing Excel Spreadsheets and Word Documents. ExSafe takes control of the desktop application and ensures that data is stored in a secured hosted environment, providing structure, maintaining traceability and reducing errors. It stores content away from the local hard drives or local server and protects it in a very secure environment, thus realising enormous business benefits. ExSafe reduces IT costs in SMBs- small to medium sized business, by eliminating the need for costly servers, associated software, backup equipment and media, and their ongoing administration. Full disaster recovery is assured and available at a significantly lower cost.

ExSafe enforces the files associated with these applications into a secure hosted service, so that they can be protected. Information is shared in a seamless collaborative fashion without unduly changing the user experience. At the same time ensuring that inadvertent changes are not made by persons unauthorized to do so. ExSafe eliminates the transmission of files in emails, hence maintaining confidential information within the organisation and preventing leakage externally.

The Ultimate Edition of ExSafe has the functionality to take content such as spreadsheets and documents offline and continue to work on them as if the user was still connected to the hosted service. Versioning and audit trails continue to be maintained and are resynchronised when the user is ‘connected’ again. With the Ultimate Edition ExSafe encrypts the offline content in a secure area on the local hard disk, so that it cannot be viewed by anyone other than the authorised user. This is preferable to encrypting a complete disk, with content being enforced into the ExSafe secure zone.

ExSafe is merging the desktop to the Internet in a unique way, giving it an enterprise structure, and without the need to adopt new application knowledge and expertise.

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