ROME Corporation Introduces Credit Analytics with an Integrated Deal Valuation Engine to Accelerate Informed Decision Making

Austin, TX - 6 November 2007

ROME Corporation, the leading provider of credit risk management solutions for the energy market, today announced the addition of two new products, ROME DealValuation Engine (DVE) and ROME CreditAnalytics. Together, they provide real-time, consistent enterprise-wide deal valuations and data-driven insights that accelerate the ability to forecast, evaluate, and quickly respond to credit risk intelligence.

The ROME DealValuation Engine provides a single consolidated view of all deal valuations across multiple source systems. Standardized deal valuation information vastly improves the ability to measure, manage, and mitigate credit risk. The new ROME DVE calculates Cash and Mark-to-Market positions, and supports multiple commodities and deal types including Forwards, Fixed Price, Index Priced, Swaps, and Futures. It also provides intelligent and dynamic calendars, and a pre-deal checker that allows you to instantly evaluate in real-time the effects of a specific deal or set of deals on your credit limits.

ROME DVE is available as a stand-alone application or integrated with ROME CreditRisk, the most powerful web-based enterprise credit risk management solution. Combining the ROME DVE with ROME CreditRisk eliminates complex and time-consuming interfaces, improves data integrity, and enables next-generation credit intelligence together with ROME CreditAnalytics.

ROME CreditAnalytics is a powerful solution for visualizing and analyzing complex credit scenarios. The end result is better decisions in a shorter timeframe. ROME CreditAnalytics calculates Potential Future Exposure (PFE) and Credit Value-at-Risk (CVaR), enables advanced statistical stress testing and what-if scenarios, and provides actionable insight into your most critical credit risk issues via the Credit Risk Dashboard.

All ROME products, including ROME DVE and ROME CreditAnalytics, are built on ROME’s industry-leading web-based technology platform, ROME Foundation Services. ROME Foundation Services uses an open, standards-based architecture that allows for easy integration with legacy applications as well as today's Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). ROME’s unique 100% web-based technology is designed to keep pace with evolving technology standards.

“ROME CreditRisk has matured into the standard for credit risk management at many of the world’s leading energy companies,” said David Achim, President and CEO at ROME Corporation. “Driven by our long-standing vision and the help of our customers, ROME’s latest product additions introduce a new frontier in credit risk management. “ROME’s latest analytical tools provide data-driven insights that accelerate strategic decision making, drive revenue growth, and deliver comprehensive and understandable risk reporting.”

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