BT Delivers High-Quality Service To Its B2B Partners With Azul Systems Technology at 30 Percent Lower TCO

Mountain View, CA - 29 November 2007

As the telecommunications industry grows, it is critical for carriers that their business partners and suppliers can access and exchange information online on a level playing field. End-users want to conveniently test, provision, repair and bill for services. The heavy online traffic has resulted in businesses finding it harder to service the growing end-user needs with the already existing IT infrastructure. To keep itself flexible, addressing the server scalability and throughput demands, BT found the answer in Azul Systems.

In January 2006, BT established its Openreach business gateways to provide transparent and equal access and services to all of Britain’s communications providers using the local access network. Openreach’s formation was one of the most significant milestones in the history of the UK’s telecommunications industry, ensuring a healthy competitive market for consumers.

To meet Openreach’s goal of providing all of its customers – wholesale, retail and third parties – guaranteed service levels for response times and transaction volumes, BT had to think outside of the box, as it realized it needed a different approach to the challenge of server scalability.

“Despite a significant investment in hardware, our IT infrastructure wasn’t sufficiently scalable, which meant we couldn’t ensure consistent service levels on a sufficiently large scale without encroaching on the data center,” said Mark O’Flaherty, B2B and integration program manager, BT Design.

BT reached out to Silicon Valley’s Azul Systems and leveraged Azul’s Compute Appliances to deliver the massive scalability required to run the Openreach Gateway. The Appliances yielded significantly improved performance and increased capacity without compromising hardware redundancy and failover safeguards. BT has already experienced the following business benefits delivered by Azul Systems:

- Significant reduction in hardware data, management, power and cooling costs.
- Improved response time: Reduced the highly variable response times from up to 10 seconds to consistently below two seconds, regardless of transaction volumes.
- Enhanced scalability: Enabled gateways to handle a 600 percent increase in transaction volumes on existing server infrastructure.
- Reduced infrastructure: Lessened the requirement from 10 Sun servers per gateway to two.
- Lower power consumption: Reduced by 59 percent.
- Smaller datacenter space: Reduced from 20 racks to six.
- Lower total cost of ownership: Reduced by 30 percent.
- Ability to meet stringent service levels and deregulation requirements as mandated by Ofcoms.

“Our quality-of-service challenge reflects an increasingly important industry trend – scalability and throughput demands of mission-critical compute infrastructures are outpacing the capabilities of traditional servers,” said Colin Windsor, CIO, Openreach. “With Azul Compute Appliances, companies facing capacity challenges can achieve the scalability they need while controlling IT costs through greater manageability, flexibility and reduced requirements for real estate and power.”

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