Scalability Expert Explore Solution for Managing Complex

Krakow - 26 November 2007

GridwiseTech, a vendor-independent expert on scalable solutions, announced today the availability of an industry brief that identifies Objectivity/DB as a viable solution for organizations wanting to leverage the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) within a data-intensive environment. Objectivity, Inc. is the leading provider of object-oriented, real-time data management platforms for software applications with complex data management challenges.

The paper describes how to integrate Objectivity/DB within SOA to create a platform approach to Web Services-based data storage. The two technologies can be combined to form a synergistic relationship, allowing users to capitalize on the scalable, high-throughput performance of Objectivity/DB and the loosely coupled, interoperable and secure communications channels found in SOA.

“As SOA became mainstream IT integration paradigm, industry now focuses on integrating their service platforms with powerful backend data storing and processing technologies.” - says Pawel Plaszczak, president of GridwiseTech “It appears that such integration can to certain extent be a natural fit if the cooperating DBMS vendor has history in distributed architectures. In the report, our experts analyzed those lock-and-key properties allowing to maximally leverage synergy between SOA and DBMS, in this case distributed, object-oriented Objectivity/DB.”

The paper highlights numerous possibilities that arise with the integration of the two technologies, including the ability to:
· construct customer business work-flows that will process complex data in real-time,
· design services that can dynamically operate, maintain and manage databases and data, or
· provide a secure Web Service interface and broaden the pool of applications with access to data in a flexible, distributed architecture.

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