Chicago, IL - 26 November 2007

ObjectWave, the leading provider of enterprise level object-oriented systems, today announces the launch of JGrinderX, a next generation persistence and data-caching framework for grid computing solutions. JGrinderX is an intuitive framework that provides the transparency developers need to efficiently create applications for systems that share large amounts of operational data and process high volumes of transactions. Enterprise companies can benefit from JgrinderX by allowing developers to efficiently develop their distributed applications with no need to understand the complexities involved with moving their data across application memory caches. Developed applications in core-banking systems, trading systems and payment processing platforms are just a few examples of where the technology can be used.

For most financial services firms, coping with ever-increasing volumes and retaining large amounts of operational data in memory so it can be processed at lightning speed is a significant challenge. Over the last several years, brokerages, banks and exchanges have addressed this problem by adopting grid computing solutions and other high performance technologies. In addition, they improved access to operational data and accelerated business processing by implementing distributed caching technologies such as GemStone’s GemFire, Terracotta and GigaSpaces’ eXtreme Application Platform (XAP).

JGrinderX goes one step further by providing a bridge between application Java objects and the data source, making data access transparent to the applications. Its architecture gives financial firms the flexibility to add new data access brokers without much impact to the application code. In addition, new adapters that automatically interface with existing caching technologies simplify application development.

“The beauty of JGrinderX is that it is easy for developers to understand and use,” says Jags Ramnarayan, Chief Architect of Gemstones Systems. “By isolating the code from the underlying technology, integrating applications with our GemFire Enterprise’s distributed data infrastructure is straightforward.”

“With JGrinderX financial firms can seamlessly integrate systems and manage data end-to-end across the enterprise,” adds Sam Cinquegrani, CEO and founder, ObjectWave. “Ultimately, that means they can deliver better service to their customers at a more competitive price-point.”

JGrinderX Features and Developer Tools include:
• Transparent access to data sources. Application developers do not need to code to the data source API; they can code to the JGrinderX API instead, which gives them more flexibility. Application developers can focus on the business objects without worrying about mapping Java objects to the target data source.
• Transaction management. All object changes within a single transaction are saved as a single unit.
• Delta tracking. As part of the transaction management process, JGrinderX keeps track of each field change, and each modification is included in a collection of deltas to a transaction listener. An application can add custom business logic to handle these deltas.
• Referential Integrity. JGrinderX ensures referential integrity while replicating objects across members within a GemFire distributed system.
• Query by example. JGrinderX uses the business objects as examples to perform queries. JGrinderX dynamically produces the target data source query language.

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