New Solution for Servicing ‘American Express’ Credit Cards has been Designed for the AB PAREX BANK in the FORPOST Banking Information System

Vilnius, Lithuania - 16 November 2007

In October, 2007 the bank AB PAREX BANKAS together with the ‘American Express’ international organisation providing financial and travelling services, introduced the first ‘American Express’ payment cards in Litas to the Lithuanian market. Credit cards called ‘American Express Gold Card’ and ‘The Platinum Card’ issued by the PAREX bank are designed for Lithuanian consumers with upper-middle income, searching for valuable integral financial and travelling services solutions, high quality servicing, and distinguished approach to a customer. This project was developed and implemented by the PAREX bank in co-operation with the specialists of Forbis Company.

‘American Express’ payment cards are set particularly high requirements to their quality. These payment cards are processed in the on-line subsystem of BIS FORPOST*Cards where this new functionality was designed. The system of authorisation of ‘American Express’ payment cards is applied for high-quality processing of bank payment cards in the real time mode.

Up till now the transactions of bank-serviced ‘Mastercard’ and ‘Visa’ payment cards have been provided in the form of files. The method of providing transactions of ‘American Express’ payment cards, is based on ISO8583 messages (Financial transaction card originated messages – interchange message specifications). This international format of payment cards information exchange ensures easy compatibility of the external message system interface with other payment card authorisation systems.

The system consists of the external banking system module, which enables acceptance, processing and sending of payment cards messages of the international standard ISO8583:1993, and the internal banking system module, which performs banking system operations and provides information, which is required for the external module while processing ISO8583:1993 messages. These modules comprise FORPOST*Cards on-line solution, which uses information of FORPOST*Cards contracts. The system, created on the basis of the mentioned specifications, joins the FORPOST banking information system with the payment cards system.

The main advantage of the system is uninterrupted and rapid processing of the payment cards messages and efficient response to them. The banking system operates uninterruptedly in the 24/365 mode. Banking day, month, or year closing procedures do not anyhow influence the process of payment cards authorisation. Thus, the chances of data inconsistency between the bank and the Processing centre are eliminated and there is no time spent for synchronisation of information between the bank and the Processing centre.

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