Coral8 Portal Brings Complex Event Processing to Business Users

Mountain View, CA - 14 November 2007

Coral8, Inc., a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced the new Coral8 Portal, which extends the power of real-time information from CEP applications to business users anywhere in the enterprise. With the Coral8 Portal, non-technical users can for the first time discover, visualize, share, and act on real-time information from CEP applications in a self-service environment for greater agility and competitiveness.

“Over the past year, organizations across many industries have recognized the need for enterprise-class event processing capability to deal with high volumes of time-sensitive data,” said Brad Bailey, senior analyst at Aite Group. “Solutions that make it possible for IT staff to deliver the power of CEP directly to business users who can leverage real-time data whenever they need it will add real value to firms of all types.”

Powered by the Coral8 Engine, the Coral8 Portal enables business users to easily access and visualize real-time data generated by CEP applications. It features a manageable, self-service environment that allows users to run on-demand parameterized queries and display streaming output in an easy-to-use and customizable fashion. The Coral8 Portal allows users to visualize information in multiple chart and graph formats, and create alerts to critical situations.

The Coral8 Portal takes full advantage of Coral8’s powerful, flexible architecture, which supports dynamic query registration and execution, and enterprise-compatible security and authentication. Developers can easily extend and re-use existing applications and servers with the Coral8 Portal for rapid rollout of CEP data to business users. With the Coral8 Portal, IT administrators can deliver dynamic queries and visualization directly to business users in a secure, controlled environment with no disruption to CEP applications in production.

“The Coral8 Portal empowers business decision makers to immediate, informed actions based on real-time data they can access from their own computer,” said Terry Cunningham, CEO of Coral8. “This self-service, personalized approach reduces the cost of extending CEP applications across the enterprise and further illustrates Coral8’s commitment to giving customers insightful information within a cost-effective, manageable environment.”

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