Unisys Announces New Compact Remote Deposit Scanners with Improved Speed, System Flexibility and Security Protection

13 November 2007

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced the Unisys SmartSource TM Series, a next generation family of image capture devices that allow banks and corporate clients to process checks and other payment items remotely at faster speeds and in a more efficient and secure operating environment.

“We believe the Unisys SmartSource series offers promising new scanners that could rapidly become the industry's new standard for branch image capture,” said Ron Thill, president, Summit Financial Solutions, Inc., which is one of the beta-testers for the new devices. "The SmartSource series is driven by the powerful Unisys SOA Vision that provides software developers with a desktop or a web-based application interface—all backed by a company known for its quality and reliable service after the sale. For our clients, the SmartSource series will be a smart choice.”

Unisys develops and assembles the new scanners in its Plymouth, Michigan facility to meet growing customer needs including speed, flexibility and onboard intelligence. The new devices’ compact design allows for front-counter (at the teller) or back-office capture, and provides industry-leading speeds to handle increasing volumes of check image exchange. Upfront, immediate image capture allows customers to more quickly identify item defects (e.g., a folded corner in a check image), save time in corrections, and help improve fraud detection. In addition, on-board intelligent processing features improve image quality and security, including the ability to digitally sign the image while the item is still in the scanner.

The Unisys SmartSource series includes three model product lines: the Value series, Professional series and Expert series.

- Tailored to low volume users, the Value series offers a low-cost of entry as well as easy integration with current systems.
- The Professional series offers customizable capabilities including speed and feeder size and can be upgraded to increase functionality from 30 document scans per minute to 120, as remote deposit capture needs change.
- Like the Professional series, the Expert series is designed for medium- to-high volume users. It provides scalable scanning capabilities and one or two pocket sorting for greater flexibility. The Expert series is the only scanner to work as a truly intelligent device with its own operating system. It works independent from a personal computer by connecting directly to the user’s network. Users can also directly connect it to printers or other peripheral devices.

Additional benefits of the new SmartSource devices include:

- The highest available resolution available for dedicated check scanners (300 dpi, with ability to handle future upgrades) for superior image quality that can provide added business intelligence benefits for banks that use payment data to develop customized services; and
- Up to four lines of endorsement fields for additional business intelligence benefits and efficient processing.

Built on a common platform, the SmartSource series devices capitalize on Unisys SOA Vision, a service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based suite for distributed capture and image analysis. The use of web services provides clients with the ease and flexibility to more quickly incorporate new products and services within their enterprise.

“Unisys now brings remote deposit capture to the next level for both banks and other businesses at a time when the challenge in managing a distributed network is becoming more complex,” said Alan Howard, president, Payment Systems, Unisys Corporation. “This new SOA-enabled solution set, which builds on our overall strong payments and SOA expertise, offers our clients so much flexibility. They can more easily and efficiently integrate the SmartSource series, manage large networks of scanners, modernize software, improve security, and monitor overall performance.”

The SmartSource series scanners are part of a family of Unisys solutions that provide customers with flexibility in transforming their operations and modernizing legacy payment systems. Unisys also offers an SOA-based Open Payments Platform for managing payments across business lines, enterprise servers, and business process outsourcing services. The Open Payments Platform includes solutions for check and remittance processing, imaging and electronic payments.

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