Sunnyvale, CA and Paris, France - 13 November 2007

ILOG® (NASDAQ: ILOG; Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) today announced the latest release of the LogicTools market-leading network design and planning solution, LogicNet Plus(tm) XE 6.0, with support for international customers and several ease-of-use enhancements. Key among the enhancements is a new scenario simulator that automates scenario comparisons so that supply chain managers can see the business impact of changes in their supply chain before they deploy them.

The design of the supply chain structure is complex due to different conflicting objectives such as cost and service tradeoffs, inherent uncertainties in both supply and demand and various supply chain dynamics. In Europe, this complexity is increased by multiple languages, tariff structures and regulations. With more than 250 customers using the solution globally, LogicNet Plus XE is designed from the ground-up to manage complexity with the ability to support thousands of real-life constraints defined through an easy to use interface understandable to supply chain professionals.

LogicNet Plus XE enables simultaneous network design and production sourcing or asset planning optimization taking into account seasonality and inventory requirements over time. LogicNet Plus XE has been enhanced based on customer feedback and priorities. New international features include the ability to handle multiple currencies, unique tariff structures and other constraints imposed by European transportation carriers.

Other new ease-of-use features include an expanded toolbar for easier access to data forms, side-by-side scenario comparisons, bulk-add records editing using Microsoft Excel, improved demand graphing that allows users to view demand statistics with Pareto charts, line graphs, and pie charts. The new version also features improved feasibility analysis with penalties for violating certain constraints as well as a scenario simulator that automates sensitivity analysis.

LogicNet Plus XE 6.0 has also been enhanced with high performance optimization technology, embedding the just released ILOG CPLEX® 11.

"We have been using the LogicTools network design and planning products since 2002 on numerous projects because it is a powerful tool that is easy to use. The performance on all levels has improved significantly over the years, including the latest release." said Mike Jones, CEO, St. Onge Consulting. "We're pleased to see that ILOG is committed to continuing to invest in the LogicNet product through continuous enhancements, and we look forward to more great products from the company."

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