Trusted Security Solutions Announces A98 Initial Key Establishment System with Telephone Support for ATM Remote Key Access and Other Expanded Features

Las Vegas, NV - 12 November 2007

Trusted Security Solutions, Inc. (TSS), a leading provider of secure ATM key management solutions, today announced that the latest edition of its A98 Initial Key Establishment System now allows those who manage cryptographic keys for ATMs to initiate and confirm automatic key loads through any telephone. Included in this release are:

• A Web service engine to provide access to A98 ATM Key Management (including initiation of remote key load) through existing customer/client portals
• Enhanced security options and greater flexibility for eHelpDesk allowing access to A98 functions through desktop browsers
• Additional redundancy in hardware design to even further harden the A98 Initial Key Establishment System against failures

Announced during the BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo held in Las Vegas, the new capabilities provide A98 users with greater efficiency and time-savings, underscoring Trusted Security Solutions’ commitment to answering the direct needs of the industry. The telephone access option, in addition to initiating key loads from a host, A98 console or desktop, brings the ATM industry yet another method of reducing manpower expenses while remaining in full compliance with strict ANS X9.24 standards that require unique initial cryptographic keys in each ATM to ensure complete security.

In addition to remote keying that assists in ensuring compliance, the latest version of the A98 Initial Key Establishment system adds greater flexibility and a fast keying process through several new features, including:

• Automatic EPP serial number tracking and validation when using the A98-R Remote Key Module (Q1 2008)
• Remote key support for Triton ATMs (Q1 2008)
• A98-C Card Services Module makes it possible for card issuers to utilize PIN bridging when creating new cards, calculate and print CVV’s, and create custom formats – while at the same time ensuring compliant handing of all related keys
• XML over IP connections to remote databases and applications

“Today’s announcement is a direct result of our commitment to meet the needs and desires of our A98 family of users as well as new customers that continually select TSS to meet their unique key management challenges,” said Dennis “Abe” Abraham, President of TSS. “The management of keys and other sensitive information remains our focus – and drives the continual broadening of scope and depth of the A98 family of vendor neutral solutions.”

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