Deutsche Börse gains Bulgarian Stock Exchange as a partner for Xetra

1 November 2007

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange will use Deutsche Börse's electronic trading system Xetra the two partners announced today. Deutsche Börse will also assume technological market control of the Sofia Stock Exchange. The agreement provides that Deutsche Börse organize trading of approximately 500 securities for 81 Bulgarian participants. The agreement has a five-year term.

The trading system is currently being set up at the exchange, with commencement of trading on Xetra planned for the middle of 2008. The host computers for the operation are located in Frankfurt-Hausen.

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange’s decision means that the main technical requirements are in place so that the Xetra trading participants already connected can directly access the Bulgarian market. In turn, the 81 new participants will have the opportunity to trade the more than 17,000 instruments listed on Xetra.

Deutsche Börse has been using Xetra to operate the trading platform for the Vienna Stock Exchange since November 1999, and has been doing the same for the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) in Dublin since June 2000. Furthermore, trading on Eurex Bonds and Eurex Repo, as well as electricity trading on the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig runs entirely through Deutsche Börse technology. The Shanghai Stock Exchange, which operates China's largest equity market, will be using Xetra technology as the core element of its new trading platform in the future.

Xetra is one of the most powerful trading platforms for cash market securities and is a synonym for the electronization and internationalization of securities trading. The trading screens give national and international investors access to the securities listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Xetra works independently of the location of the trader, and provides access to the buy and sell offers in the order book.

The execution of buy and sell orders is fully automated.

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