Controlling spreadsheets: with Excel Services and MiQB

London - 6 March 2007

As the investment business continues to become more competitive and more complex, there are increased demands for better information across all business functions: to analyse performance, ensure effective controls, and provide greater transparency.

It is not always possible for IT to meet all these demands, and therefore business users turn to their spreadsheets. This can cause issues in ensuring proper maintenance and data integrity.

Fortunately an answer to this is on hand. Alpha Analytic are pleased to announce that they have integrated their management information solution for investment, MiQB, with the recently released Excel Services.

MiQB provides an analytic platform based upon the latest Microsoft business intelligence tools and designed specifically to meet the needs of investment firms.

MiQB combines data integration, a multi dimensional database, and an analytical server, with output via Excel Services, Microsoft Office, high quality reports and visualisation tools. It supports sharing of analytical and unstructured information through the Sharepoint portal.

This framework provides a means of controlling the use of spreadsheets, by combining consistent data and centralised analytics, with the flexibility and familiar working environment of Excel.

Excel Services is a server based application which replicates the functionality of Excel via the browser. Spreadsheets can be developed and migrated to the server when they are required for full operational use. Formulae and code is then under control, as well as the data.

MiQB, in conjunction with Excel Services, will enable the delivery of better quality information and analytics for all business users, across the Investment, Distribution, Operation and Finance functions, in a controlled, yet accessible, manner.

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