BATS Trading Adds Yipes For Fast Market Data Delivery, Joins Yipes FinancialConnect! Network

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, and KANSAS CITY, MO; - 6 March 2007

Low-Latency, High-Reliability Ethernet Solution Addresses Critical Needs of Fastest-Growing Market Center.

Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc., today announced that BATS Trading, Inc., has selected Yipes to provide Ethernet connectivity services to the BATS Electronics Communications Network (ECN), an electronic trading platform for anonymous matching of U.S. equity securities.

BATS, which was founded in June 2005 in response to rapid consolidation in the ECN space, will offer Yipes as a high-speed access alternative for new and existing clients. The ECN reported average daily volume of 310 million shares in February on its second-generation trading platform, which was built to handle high-speed, high-volume, anonymous, reliable, algorithmic trading.

“We are pleased to offer the Yipes Ethernet network as an option to our clients,” said BATS CEO Dave Cummings. “Low latency levels are critical for any connectivity into our network, as is an understanding of the service demands of high-speed algorithmic trading. With markets moving faster and faster, our clients expect trade executions that can keep pace effectively and consistently.”

By selecting Yipes, BATS also becomes part of the Yipes FinancialConnect! platform, a network of more than 350 exchanges, proprietary trading platforms, brokerages, hedge funds, institutional investors, and investment managers. Yipes clients can now access the BATS ECN via the Yipes network.

Ethernet, a ubiquitous technology in use in local area networks, is now the preferred network technology to use to access financial exchanges due to its low latency, reliability, and scalability. Yipes is a leading provider of managed, end-to-end Ethernet solutions for the financial services industry

“BATS Trading is an outstanding example of how electronic trading is sparking innovation in the financial community,” said John Panzica, Yipes general manager, financial services. “The Yipes Ethernet network delivers the high speeds, high reliability, and low latency levels vital to an ECN such as BATS at a lower total cost of ownership than legacy network alternatives. Our goal is to improve trade execution and increase order fulfillment.”

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