Somerville, Mass. - 6 March 2007

Asset Managers Cash in on the Promise of NextGen Business Intelligence

Spotfire, Inc., the Information Insight CompanySM, today announced the release of Spotfire Asset Management, a product designed to help financial asset managers make vital financial decisions with greater speed and confidence. The new solution is built on the powerful Spotfire DXPâ„¢ enterprise analytics platform.

Hedge fund and mutual fund portfolio managers depend upon their ability to quickly identify trends and capture arbitrage opportunities in large amounts of constantly changing financial data. Spotfire Asset Management allows these and other investment professionals to visually ask and answer any question of their data. With a few clicks of the mouse, the visual, interactive analysis environment reveals hidden patterns, trends and biases – offering better understanding, speeding financial analysis and delivering meaningful insights.

“In a business where the name of the game is speed and accuracy, rapid, thorough analysis can give financial professionals the edge,” said Brian O’Keefe, director of financial analytics at Spotfire. “Faster time to insight means faster business decisions, and faster decisions can help companies cash in on market trends early or avoid trouble well in advance.”

Spotfire Asset Management provides:

· Fast, visual, interactive analysis of investment data from disparate sources,
· Collaboration of the investment process across the enterprise,
· Ad-hoc querying without IT involvement,
· A library of discipline-specific analytics applications, including: performance attribution, portfolio risk, compliance, counterparty risk and near real-time market analytics.

“Spotfire DXP has an incredibly broad appeal for a range of applications because of its dynamic querying capabilities, powerful visual representation and tremendous time savings,” said Adam Kaye, an analyst with New Leaf Venture Partners. “I think any hedge fund or mutual fund portfolio manager would find it very valuable.”

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