ABN AMRO Selects HP for Real-time, Face-to-face Collaboration Solution

Palo Alto, Calif., and Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 5 March 2007

HP today announced that ABN AMRO (NYSE: ABN), a global banking company, has selected the HP Halo Collaboration Studio to conduct meetings in different locations around the world in a vivid, real-time, face-to-face environment.

With Halo, ABN AMRO will be able to react quickly to the needs of the fast-paced financial services industry by immediately bringing together key business stakeholders. Additionally, the Halo system will help reduce travel costs and speed up development of critical business solutions that ABN AMRO must deliver quickly to remain competitive around the globe.

The HP Halo Collaboration Studio enables participants to see each other in life-sized images projected on studio-quality displays and communicate with one another without perceived delay. In the banking industry, innovative methods of collaboration are becoming increasingly critical to respond to the different needs of customers in multiple locations in real time.

HP Halo will change the way the ABN AMRO builds and uses shared services. Offices around the globe can collaborate on particular banking solutions and the end-product or financial service can then be reused and customized quickly across any of the bank’s locations. Personnel also can be trained without accruing costly travel bills.

"Halo provides us with an incredibly useful way to transfer and leverage knowledge from across the organisation no matter where our employees are in the world," said Craig Hollenbaugh, corporate vice president and global head, Infrastructure Services, ABN AMRO. "For example, we could have mortgage teams in the Netherlands and Brazil working together on a mortgage-related service instead of having co-located teams. We will also use Halo as a way to build more agility into the development of new products and services."

Specifically ABN AMRO will use Halo to:
• Connect five regional client business units to share best practices;
• Connect ABN AMRO with its technology partners, including outsource and offshore partners, to improve collaboration and reduce time to market; and
• Capitalise on the capabilities across the bank to better serve ABN AMRO clients.

Under the terms of the agreement, ABN AMRO will purchase 12 Halo studios for key sites around the world. Initially, the bank will have studios installed in six locations, London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Sao Paulo, with additional studios to be built at other sites later.

"HP is demonstrating that it is dedicated to providing comprehensive services, not just products, to our customers," said John Wallace, vice president, Worldwide Financial Services Industry, HP. "With Halo, ABN AMRO employees that are separated by geography will be able to meet and work as if they are in the same office."

Companies that have deployed HP Halo studios to transform the way their businesses communicate include Advanced Micro Devices, AIG Financial Products Corp., BHP Billiton, DreamWorks, General Electric Commercial Finance, Novartis and PepsiCo.

HP Halo serves an array of industries, including pharmaceuticals, financial services and manufacturing, and is present in 17 countries: Australia, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Each Halo room is designed for up to six people and comes equipped with studio-quality audio. Participants begin collaborating with a few clicks of a simple-to-use onscreen user interface.

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